Parampara Ayurved Sukesh Hair Oil | 100 ml

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Ayurvedacharya DR. Debabrata Sen’s FORMULATION PARAMPARA AYURVED’S Doctor's Made Medicine “SUKESH HAIR OIL” Read more

  • Ayurvedacharya DR. Debabrata Sen’s  FORMULATION PARAMPARA AYURVED’S Doctor's Made Medicine “SUKESH HAIR OIL”


    INDICATIONS: Nutritional hair oil “SUKESH” protects hair and scalp from sunlight and environmental pollution. It also  control’s excessive HAIR FALL,ITCHING IN SCALP and any types of hair problems. It also STIMULATES hair follicles and PROMOTE NEW HAIR and by its conditioning nature, makes Hair SILKY,SOFT,SHINNY.


    DIRECTIONS: Apply locally like normal hair oil.


    INGREDIENTS: Lavender,Kanaka , Nirgundi , Jaba Phool, Bhringaraj.

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