Parampara Ayurved Natural Dark Brown Hair Henna 20g

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Ayurvedacharya Dr. Debabrata Sen Formulation Parampara Ayurved Natural Dark Brown Hair Colour Henna Read more

    Ayurvedacharya Dr. Debabrata Sen Formulation Parampara Ayurved Doctor’s Made “Natural Dark Brown Hair Henna”


    INDICATIONS: Parampara Natural Dark Brown Hair Henna is a Herbal Henna Based which Gives Natural Dark Brown Colour for Longer Period Along with Smooth, Silky & Strong Hair.


    DIRECTIONS:  Before using Parampara Natural Dark Brown Hair Henna, Clean The Hair with Shampoo or Soap and Dry it. Mix The Hair Henna Powder in Water and Form a Paste. Avoid it Using in a Metallic Article. Prior Using Keep The Paste for one Hour. Afterwards Apply The Paste and Wait for Two to Three Hours, After Dryness Wash The Hair with Water.


    KEY INGREDIENTS: Henna, Shikakai, Areetha, Bhringraj, Methi, Amla, Tulsi, Hibiscus, Coffee, Catechu etc.


    SKIN HYPER SENSITIVITY TEST: Always Perform Hypersensitivity Test 48 Hours Before Each Application of This Product. Mix Small Quantity of Powder with 1-2 Drops of Water and Apply on Previously Washed Dried Skin Behind The ear or up to The Inner Surface of The Forearn. Apply a Small Quantity of The Hair Dye as Prepared for Use to The Area and Allow it to Dry. After 36 Hours Wash The Area Gently with Soap and Water and Observe The Experience. Product Can be Considered Safe for Use if no Irritation, Inflammation, Itching, or Swelling is Apparent or Experienced in or Around The Tested Area. The Test Should be Carried out Before Each and Every Application.
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