Parampara Ayurved Anti Ageing Care Angosree Face and Body Scrubber Dr Debabrata Sen Formulated Ayurveda Research Facial Scrub | 100 gm

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Parampara Ayurved Angoshree Face & Body Scrubber Ayurvedacharya Dr. Debabrata Sen Formulation Active Ayurveda Research Full Body Anti Aging Skin Brightening Treatment With The Natural Source of Vitamin A , Vitamin C & Vitamin E For Glowing Skin . Read more

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·         It’s Ayurvedacharya Dr Debabrata Sen Formulation.

·        This Facial Scrub is a Special blend of Ayurveda& Fruit Extracts Combined with other Ayurveda Ingredients in order to Provide You a Nourished, Glowing & Soft Textured Skin.


·       It Enriched with the Goodness of Natural Source’s of Vitamin A, B, C & E and Ghritakumari, Neem, Swet Sarsap, Haridra, Bakuchi, Sripadi, Kumud. Golap, Tagara, Jambira, Almond Oil, Olive Oil, Wheat Germ Oil, Carrot Seed Oil, Tea Tree Oil.

·        Parampara Ayurved Angosree Scrubber whitening Facial Scrub is an Excellent Scrub for Deeply Remove Tan from Skin. Our Parampara Ayurved Angosree Scrubber Whitening Face & Body Scrub Contains Skin Glowing & Lightening Properties with an Improved Complexion.


·        Parampara Ayurved Angosree Scrubber Whitening Facial Scrub is a Specialist when it comes to Restoring Natural Fairness & Removes Skin Blackness. Face Scrub for Glowing Skin and it Gives You Smooth & Soft Skin. This is Best Suitable Facial Scrub For Oily & Dry Skin.

·        When you Apply Parampara Ayurved Angosree Scrubber, the particles rub against your Skin and Remove All the Dirt from your Skin Pores. It also removes Dead Skin Cells, Making your Skin Smoother and Softer. This is Perfect Face Scrubber ForToday’s Men and Women That Give’s You Best Result for Tan Removing.


·         GENTLY EXFOLIATES :Get Soft, Smooth and Glowing Skin with  Gently Exfoliates and Helps Remove Dead Skin and Excess Sebum From Your Skin.


·         IMPROVES SKIN RADIANCE :One of The Richest Sources of Vitamin C, Boosts Collagen Production and Energises dull Looking, Oily Skin.


·         SAFE SKIN CARE :A pH-Balanced non Drying Formula, the Scrub is Sulphate and paraben Free and Does Not Contain Harmful Chemicals That are  Harsh on Skin.


                 ALL SKIN TYPES :Suitable for Both Men and Women with all Skin Types.

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