Parampara Ayurved Anti Aging Care Cold Plus Cool Prickly Heat Body Powder Ice Cool Perfumed Dr Debabrata Sen Formulated Active Ayurveda Research 150gm

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Ayurvedacharya DR. Debabrata Sen’s FORMULATION PARAMPARA AYURVED’S Doctor’s Made Medicine “Cold Plus Prickly Heat Herbal Body Talcum Powder” Read more

About this item

·         It’s Ayurvedacharya Dr Debabrata Sen Formulation.

·        Infused with the Timeless Fragrance of Cold Plus Body Powder, which will take you Straight to Sicily.

·        It keeps you Fresh and Makes your Skin Feel Soft and Smooth.

·        This Cold Plus Body Powder is Easy to apply and prevents Body Odour by Absorbing Sweat.

·        Refreshes Body Senses and Elevates mood. Suitable for all Skin Types and all Occasions.

·        Vegan, Cruelty-Free. Enrichd with- Gulabphool, Keya, Jatamanshi, TulsiTaila, NimbaTaila, Sandal Oil, Kapoor, PudinakaPhool, YavanalaSatva, Tankan amla, Salicylic acid etc.

·        Its Long-Lasting Fragrance keeps you Fresh and Sweat-Free all Day Long.

·        This cooling, pampering powder is a blend of pure basil, Margosa, Indian corn and red Sandalwood Extracts, to help Brighten Body Skin and keep it Fresher and Drier all Day

·        Clinically Proven, Cold Plus Body Powder Provides Instant Germ Kill And 3 Days Visible Results From Summer Skin Problems ,Sweat, Body Odour,  Itching, Rashes & Prickly Heat

·        Cold Plus Body Powder Has Unique Anti-Bacterial Formula That Protects Against Summer Skin Problems Arising From Sweat & Germs

·        Its Refreshing cool aroma Rejuvenates your Senses and keeps you Vibrant and Fresh all day Long.

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